Suicide: The Best of

by ACLU Benefit



7th pressing, new tracks added.


released May 1, 2019

Tracks taken from Old Yeller, The Red Pony, What: A Tribute to Noah, Live at RISD 2/05/05, FINALLY!, and In Hi Fi. Photo by Peter DiCampo.


all rights reserved



ACLU Benefit Boston, Massachusetts

Noah plays guitar and sings. Now known as Request Freebird.

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Track Name: I Love You So Much
I can't draw
I can't paint
I can't write
I'll never be a saint
But I can sing
and I can say
(Asus up an octave)
I love you so much (3)

I can't read
your favorite philosophies
I can't sculpt
something beautiful for you to see
Track Name: Love Your Family

How old do you have to get
before you're honest with your parents
and can tell them about the time Kate
broke your heart without getting embarrassed?
How old do you have to turn before you see you're no longer a teenager,
take your anger, burn it up, and leave those grudges forever?

How old do you have to grow
before you see your mom's an old lady
who's probably all alone
and definitely misses her baby?
How old do you have to get
before both your parents die
and you're left saying
I wish, I wish, I wish, I...?

How old do you have to get before you see yourself in your family
and start to love them for it
as your closest connection out of all humanity?
How long has to pass by
before you tell your dad and mom
"I'm sorry. I love you. Thanks for the things you did right.
You're forgiven for what you did wrong."
Track Name: Saying Goodbye




Saying goodbye
I'm saying goodbye
Goodbye to you
Track Name: Katie


Katie (3)
War in iraq
Katie (3)
Genocide in darfur
Katie (3)
The destruction by wal-mart
Katie (3)
The loss of the American family
Katie (3)
The mistreatment of the disabled in this country
Katie (3)
Lack of rights for children
Katie (3)
The aids epidemic
Katie (3)
Lots of ovarian cancer
Katie (3)
And cigarettes are still legal
Katie (3)
too many cars on the highways
Katie (3)
increasing global warming
Katie (3)
low voter turnout
Katie (3)
slavery in china and india
Katie (3)
millions of homeless
Katie (3)
unnecessary pollution
Katie (3)
farmers abusing chattle
Katie (3)
female circumcision

Katie (3)
You’re all that’s on my mind right now
Katie (3)
How I want your breasts in my mouth
But Katie (3)
That’s so boring to listen to
So Katie (3)
I pretend this song’s about problems and not you
Track Name: Walter's Regrets
I’ve been down
For a while
On the ground
Looking down
At this hole
In the clouds
At the people
Who are beneath me
Like my friends
And my little family
Cuz I’m stuck here
In heaven
All alone
And I wonder
if I will
ever be happy
Without my friends
And wife with me

Why did I
Decide to be good
When all I love is my wife
And my friends from the neighborhood
When all of them
Were destined for hell
Maybe I’d be satisfied if I fell
Maybe I wasted my life
Doing what is right
All my friends
Are together tonight
Track Name: Dead
I saw a guy and he looked like he was pretty cool
So I walked up said hi one day in school
And we became very very very very good friends
But it doesn’t matter now
Because he is dead
I had a teacher who taught me everything I know
But I never got to tell him all this though
And now he’ll never get to see
How much he meant to me
Because he is dead
I saw a girl and said she’s a dumb slut
and I don’t care about her at all but
I can’t tell anyone how I feel
or they’ll get real mad at me
Because she is dead
Every so often I’m haunted in my dreams
I’m really tired of my screams
Please leave me alone, Brad, I wish you would
Go away now because
You are dead.
Track Name: Got MLK?
(G-B-A, G-C)

Holy shit,
Have you ever really thought about
Dr. Martin Luther King?
I mean, I know it’s a cliché but goddammit
That guy really accomplished something
You could say he
Wasted his life
Trying to get
This one thing done
But he fought and
Died and yet
He still won
He won
He won
He won won won won
He won
He had to
Defeat a country
Of racists
He knew what he
Needed to do
He died
After he won
He got shot
But he won
Cuz now I
Go to school
With DeAndre
And P.J.
And Bevin
Cuz he knew
They could win
They won
He won won won won
He won
And if it weren’t for him
We’d never have
My friend, Adrian
He won (3)
That’s why every year
On this day in January
You don’t get any mail
But when was the last time
You took the time
To celebrate a man who didn’t fail
Martin Luther King
You may have been a womanizer
But so what
You’re so famous
Let’s compare you to
President Kennedy
What did he do?
He slept with Marilyn Monroe
But you
You freed your fucking people
You won (2)
And that’s awesome
You won (4)
Track Name: William Moloney, a Brilliant Beauty
(G em c)
William Moloney
(G em c)
your songs are so lonely
but no one listens
to old table
a poetic drunk
whose heart's too full

William Moloney
you live with your family
You got fired from
the grocery store
They think you're dumb
when you pour
(G Em C)
piss out the window

William Moloney
You have the only
true artist's life,
But it's too much
to market right.
You just wanna touch
our souls
then go
Track Name: Marie
Oh Marie,
Why didn’t I make you kiss me, oh Marie?
It would have been so easy oh, Marie
You were lying in bed right next to me, sweet Marie,
Your body was nestled right into me Marie,
The liquor has worn off, sweet Marie
But you’re still just as hot, oh Marie
And now the sun is up
Oh, Marie
Why didn’t I kiss you, oh, Marie
Now there’s nothing I can do, oh, Marie
One night stands look so easy to me, oh, Marie
But I miss chances too easily, Marie
Now it’s too late for you and stupid stupid me,
It’s too late for us gorgeous Marie
Because the sun is up
Oh, Marie
Why didn’t you kiss me, oh, Marie
Why didn’t you take me, oh, Marie
Chances go once we sleep, so, now, Marie
I can only regret everything so deeply, Marie
It’s too late for us, stupid me,
It’s too late for us, not my Marie
Because the sun is up
The sun is up
Oh, Marie

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