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This EP is called FINALLY! because these songs finally sound great


released 14 June 2014

Produced and arranged by Dane Filipczak
All instruments by Dane Filipczak except guitar on "William Moloney, a Brilliant Beauty" by Noah.
Lead vocals performed and songs written by Noah.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Love of My Life
(Love of my life, I'll never get over you)

When I get lonely, I call up my ex-girlfriend and say "I need to kiss someone named Kate Ferencz.
It matters who.
I know by now it needs to be you."

In the two things that I love,
there is power from your blood.
You're the prettiest girl in the world,
but you only date mice and worms.

Can't make you love me,
and I'm sorry, so sorry
you'll never come back to me
Track Name: Riding
Who you gonna ride with
Now that I am gone?
I don't
want to know

Who you gonna sing with
Now that I am gone?
I don't
want to know

Who you gonna dance with
Now that I am gone?
I don't
want to know

Who you gonna lie with
Now that I am gone?
I don't
want to know

Who you gonna ride with
Now that I am gone?
I don't
want to know
Track Name: You Give Me Hope
You went on
American idol.
You were a mime,
Made it to the finals.

[We] Sang a greeting card
to the Waffle House.
They were embarrassed,
but didn’t throw us out.

You did a standup act
called “women comedians”
and it’s just that:
“Can I borrow a tampon?”

“No, I told her,
she could keep it.”
You said you’re transgender
in the men’s toilet.

“There’s an exhibit
at the science museum,
it’s this girl dancing”
and then we see 'em
laugh at you
as you stand by the fake tree,
being hilarious,
dancing happily.

We wrote a musical
“Imaginary Friend.”
It’s about me.
God, don’t let this end!

I started crying
when you said you had a tumor.
You weren’t lying,
it's on your medulla.

But you’re okay
At least for now
Let’s go play
And forget what’s allowed

Let’s sing to chickens!
They like cock rock!
“Hey not so loud!”
So we continue but soft.

"Maybe you should just stop

(you give me hope)
Track Name: William Moloney, a Brilliant Beauty
(G em c)
William Moloney
(G em c)
you are the only
modern punk
dumb genius left
but you're a drunk
inconsistent mess

William Moloney
your songs are so lonely
most won't listen
to Old Table
the brilliant idiot
whose heart's too full
to not keep getting fired.

William Moloney
you live with your family
(true artist's life).
It is too much
to market right.
You just wanna touch
our souls
then go
Track Name: We Forgive You
We forgive you (over and over)

i feel so wrong and so embarrassed and always guilty
you're singing my song i know you care and that just kills me
i love your support, i know you won't judge, or leave me
when i feel so poor, i know you're there, unconditionally

i'm always ashamed, and i fear some think i'm crazy
but that's so lame, i can have honest, integrity
i'll open up, without fear that you'll hate me
ok here goes, one time i, stole a cookie
from the jar i'm so sorry
i know it was wrong, i apologize, please forgive me
then i shoved it down her throat so she couldn't breathe or insult me
she doesn't move, so she can't leave me
oh thank you so much, i finally feel free
to reach out and touch, the next woman for me
Track Name: Love Your Family

How old do you have to get
before you're honest with your parents
and can tell them about the time Kate
broke your heart without getting embarrassed?
How old do you have to turn before you see you're no longer a teenager,
take your anger, burn it up, and leave those grudges forever?

How old do you have to grow
before you see your mom's an old lady
who's probably all alone
and definitely misses her baby?
How old do you have to get
before both your parents die
and you're left saying
I wish, I wish, I wish, I...?

How old do you have to get before you see yourself in your family
and start to love them for it
as your closest connection out of all humanity?
How long has to pass by
before you tell your dad and mom
"I'm sorry. I love you. Thanks for the things you did right.
You're forgiven for what you did wrong."